Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mango-Peach Milkshake ..:-)

Don't wonder if am becoming a fatso by the day with the recipes am uploading! ha giving my body its due share of exercise everyday....alternating between swimming, yoga, dance and walking. So, its ok to binge on once in a while. After all its only healthy fruits and milk with a spoon of sugar....does it really matter?! Definitely not! You will agree when the drink traverses through your mouth too....;-) So, go on, give it a try...

Super simple peach mango milkshake. I had been thinking of using up the peach in my fridge to make a shake and around the same time, one of my dear friend suggested just the same recipe. Only, she gave me the diet way without any added sugar but i went the other way! We have always loved to break the rules ain't it?!

Prep time: 7 mins Drink time: Instantly!


1 ripe peach
1 ripe mango
1 cup of cold milk
3/4 tbsp brown sugar ( can use normal sugar too)
couple of mint leaves for dressing


- Peel the skin of the peach and core it. Keep the pulp aside, while chopping just a few small pieces for dressing
- Peel the skin of the mango and cut the pulp from both sides of the fruit. Just chop a few small pieces for dressing
- In a blender, add both fruit pulps, milk and sugar and give it a beat
- In the juice glass, drop in a few pieces of both fruits and pour the shake over it. Add the remaining pieces of fruits on the top layer of the glass
- Your milk shake is ready

Additional dressing:
- Add a dollop of vanilla/peach ice-cream or vanilla/peach yogurt! I have used yogurt here and stick out the mint leaves at the center!

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