Friday, September 2, 2011

Mor Kuzhu / Mor Kali or Rice Doklas

Mor kuzhu or Mor Kali is a very popular snack of Tamilnadu which has been passed down through generations. This is a super simple and easy dish and is a very tasty evening snack. It may not look very appetizing but one needs to eat before deciding! When you have excess curd or buttermilk left out and you need ways to use it...then this will defenitely fit the bill:-) I call it the TN variation of Dhoklas!

There are two ways of making the traditional way which involves grinding the rice batter and the other for the quickies...using store bought rice flour. Will explain both ways below. I made it the traditional way though....

Method 1: Traditional way


- 1/2 cup raw rice soaked for 3 hours
- 2 tbsp sabudhana / javarisi soaked for 3 hours
- 1 cup curd whisked
- 1 green chilly
- few curry leaves
- 3 to 4 sundried chillies ( cured in buttermilk) or mor millagai
- mustard for seasoning
- 2 tbsp sesame oil or other

Prep time: 3 hours                          Cook time: 15 mins


- Grind the soaked rice along with 1 tbsp of soaked sabudhana, green chilly and salt, adding some water.
- Make it into the consistency of idly batter. If you do not have sundried chilly then you can increase the quantity of green chilly for spice level.
- After grinding, add the batter to the whisked curd and mix well without any lumps.
Rice batter mixed with curd
- Add the remaining soaked sabudhana to this batter.
- In a non-stick pan or a thick bottomed pan, heat the oil.
- On heating, add the sundried chillies and let it fry until dark.Later add the mustard and curry leaves and let it crackle.

- Now, reduce flame to low, and slowly pour in the batter into the pan while stirring continuously.

- Keep stirring for 10 mins on low-medium heat. Do not let lumps form.

- In the end, everything will come together without sticking to the sides of the pan. Another test, wet your fingers in water and touch the cooked mix. If it does not stick to your fingers, it is time to remove from pan.

- You can scoop this on to a plate and start eating right away or....
- Pour it on to a greased plate and wait for 5 mins to let it set. Then make cubes of it like cake pieces and serve as dhoklas.

Foot note:
- Popularly this is made without the sabudhana. As I said, this is passed down through generations...and my great grandma used to add sabudhana to give it the chewy texture! I like it that way...try it and am sure you too will:-)
- All my measures are for the serving size of 2 persons

Method 2: Quicky

- All the steps are the same except grinding of the rice batter and mixing sabudhana.
- Instead of soaking and grinding the rice....use 1/2 cup rice flour and mix it in with 2 tbsp of maida in the whisked curd.
- The maida will give it the chewy texture in place of the sabudhana.
- While doing the tempering you could also add some urad dhal and channa dhal for that extra crunch!
- Since this method does not have green chilly, you could add extra dried chillies for additional spice.

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