Monday, January 16, 2012

Avacado or Butter fruit Milkshake

The first time I came across this simple and tasty fruit was in the hills of Kodaikanal. On a vacation to Kodai with my hubby, we went on a trek to a place called Dolphin Nose. The trek was amazing and proved to be a great calorie burner. The way back was tougher than the on-ward trek and we needed to take breaks in between to charge up ourselves! During one of these breaks, we stopped over for some tea at a small shop.

The shop had run out of tea powder just then and the lady in the shop offered to make us this butter fruit milk shake instead. We had no clue how it would taste and the look of it did'nt give us any great appeal either:-)! We trusted the lady and our guide and she scooped the pulp of the fruit into a bowl, added 2 cups of milk and some sugar and gave a it a beating with her spoon.... that's all she did...poured them on to two glasses and gave it to us with a spoon.....

Oh.....the taste of that yummy shake still lingers in me....I can't explain how good it was in words...u need to do that trek and then taste the fresh shake in the chill hilly atmosphere! Well, I wish I could do it every time...but of-course, that's not possible:-)! The next best option of-course is to bring it into your kitchen! From then, this milk shake has become a regular in our home and I discovered that butter fruit is available all through the year, so, no worries...beat it and eat it or drink it ....the way you like it!


- 1 ripe butter fruit or avacado
- 4 cups chilled milk
- 2 tbsp sugar or as per choice

Prep time: 5 mins                    

- Cut the fruit around the center and twist open the fruit. Remove the seed from inside and scoop the pulp out.

- Add the pulp, milk and sugar into a blender and beat well until smooth.
- Pour into 4 glasses and serve chilled!

Foot note: If the milk shake is thick add more milk. The fruit does not taste sweet by itself, so going light on sugar will make it taste little plain!


  1. Delicious looking shake,didn't tried avocados this way...will try this for sure...thanks for sharing dear!!
    Thanks for your nice words at my space,so sorry that I missed some recipes here :( Not getting updates properly on my dashboard!!

  2. This is totally yummy recipe...I am loving it dear..Will try it soon..


  3. A slight twist as suggestion...instead of sugar try it with honey. More healthy and tastes awesome. honey is known to blend well with avocado and desserts served in mexico with avocado & honey are common. Also avocado honey is even sold in containers which people usually bring home during a visit to mexico.

  4. Thanks all for your comments and Thanks Kiran for sharing that tip! Will try next time with honey:-)

  5. Hi Hyma,
    First time here. That's a tasty shake with the avocado and liked Kiran's tip too.



  6. this is one thing that I miss from Bangalore. ove this creamy delight. awesome.

  7. Very Delicious milk shake, looks so inviting.