Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home made Potato Chips....Ready to use anytime!

Summer holidays to me spark in mind, lush green fields, a river or stream flowing across, pump sets that gush out water in full force into the fields and kids drenching themselves in that fresh cold water, a country home full of kids running helter skelter, a huge swing in the middle of the larger than life living room, a home filled with all possible summer fruits in abundance, pickles, all kind of sun dried fryms in the backyard waiting to be fried in oil, sheds with cows and calves and fresh milk, Children covered with mud and dust from head to toe completely tanned by the grace of Sun, Grandparents waiting to pamper these kids who are already immensely let loose....and I can go on and on and on....  

Kids these days hardly know how a Village looks or feels like! Infact, I was taken by surprise when I heard that some of my close friends have themselves never lived or experienced village life. I have reason to feel proud that I had been fortunate to know the country life in India and experience the love and gratitude of the people who live there.

Now, how does the above story relate to this post?!Well, thinking of summer holidays I was reminded of all the fun things I did as a kid and while discussing with a colleague en-route to work, I learnt from her this super simple potato chips that she enjoyed making as a kid during summer hols! So, all the Urban Mom's out there, am sure you are busy rolling up your sleeves to keep your kids engaged in the holidays! So, why not get your kids to do some fun thing with their favourite veggie the potato....and make them feel good about themselves. Am sure they will enjoy this immensely....though this job is'nt all that messy it still is fun to be out in the sun, waiting to get the potatoes off the terrace into the oil and snack heartily on them while watching their fav cartoon!

Don't go laughing at my ingredients list but truly this is all you need!


- 1 kg big potatoes
- 1 tsp oil
- a big pot of boiling water
- Salt to taste
- 5 to 6 slit green chillies(optional)
- 2 large white clothes:-)
- ample space with ample sunlight (preferably backyard or terrace)!

Prep time: 15 mins                            Cook time: 4 mins               Dry time: 8 hours


- Peel the potatoes and wash them.

- Slice them into big round pieces using a chips slicer/shredder.

- While you finish slicing a half potato, turn it over to the other side to slice the rest. Makes the job easier and faster and safer for your hands!
- Boil a large pot of water, add slit chillies, salt and 1 tsp oil( helps to keep the slices seperate).

- Add the potatoes and boil them exactly for 3 mins( not more than 3 minutes)
- If you feel the potatoes are still too raw, switch off the heat and leave them in the hot water for 1 more minute.

- Drain them immediately on to a strainer.

- In your terrace or backyard, where you have enough direct sunlight, spread a white cloth and place stones on all corners to prevent the cloth from flying/folding.
- Now, spread the slices of potatoes next to each other.

- Since the potatoes might start flying around when they begin to dry up, it is best to cover them over with another white cloth!
 - This way you can also prevent the potatoes form being picked by birds!

- When they are let to dry for 7 to 8 hours, have sun dried potatoes, that can be stored in a box and fried whenever you need a quick snack!

- On frying them, you can spice them up with some salt(if needed) , chilly powder or pepper or any other flavour your family likes!

Foot note:

- Do not boil the potatoes too long. They would get cooked and would be difficult to handle.
- Spread them out as soon as you drain them. If you let them stay in the strainer for too long, they could get cooked up in the heat.
- Instead of using slit chillies you can grind them and add into the water. I found, the spiciness from slit chillies did not get into the potatoes.
- Be very careful with your fingers and palms while slicing the potatoes! You can use wavy slicers to create shapes on the potatoes too.


  1. this looks really simple n very easy also....loved it....

  2. Thanks Hyma for your sweet comment and following.
    Wow..these chips brought back childhood memories..I used to help mom and grandma making these...however, I have never made them here because we hardly have sun to dry them and the main thing is no open space to dry them.
    Will see your other recipes leisurely... Happy to follow you too.

  3. i really like the way how you made your home made chips but one thing is it takes too long LOL cause i want my chips fast and ready to be devoured ROFL thanks for the info...