Monday, November 3, 2014

Quick Masala Peanuts - Party Starters

Ok, now I have some very precious 30 minutes to post this long pending cocktail starters. My lil one is sleeping and she will be up like a clock in 30 mins...So, I hope to be able to complete the post in this space of time left:-)

The below peanut masala is very simple and one that I prepared in a jiffy while we had a sudden party at home. I was being challenged on what I can bring up on table quickly and thats how this was born right out of the shelfs.


- 100gm Roasted unsalted peanuts (skin peeled)
- 1 small onion finley cut
- 1 small tomato finely cut
- 1 tsp oil
- 1/2 tsp black pepper powder( or as per taste)
- finely chopped coriander
- Salt to taste

Prep time: 5 mins                                             Cook time: 5 mins


- Heat oil in a pan and add the finely chopped onions
- As the onions begin to get translucent, add the tomatoes and give it a stir
- Add salt and pepper and mix everything well
- Now add the peanuts, stir and leave for a minute
- Transfer to the serving dish and sprinkle coriander on top.

Notes: Do not saute the onion and tomato a lot as they lose the crispiness.
- Can add green chillies if you prefer.

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