Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aapam with Coconut Milk - Blog Hop

Its blog hop Wednesday again! Time really flies and blog hops makes me realise it every fortnight! My blog hop friend for this week is Roshan of Roshan's Cucina. Roshan has a very inviting and bright blog space and there were quite a lot of items under 'baking' which I wanted to try but for the lack of a proper oven in my kitchen. So, while I was browsing through her other recipes the "palappam" caught my attention.

This is something I had been wanting to make since a very long time but had not been able to make for some reason. Thanks to blog hop, today I tried it. Turned out fluffy and soft and went so well with the fresh and sweet coconut milk! My MIL used to make this too, so I borrowed some ideas from her and varied the ingredients for the batter slightly,  from Roshan's.


Aapam batter:

- 1 cup raw rice
- 1 cup idli rice (boiled rice)
- 2 tbsp urad dhal
- 1 tight fistful fenugreek seeds (methi/vendhayam)

Add on to the batter:

- Salt as needed
- 4 tbsp ground coconut
- 1 tbsp sugar
- a pinch of baking soda

For Coconut Milk:

- 1 fresh coconut
- 1/2 cup water
- 1 tbsp sugar

Prep time: 1 day                Cook time: 3 mins per aapam/ 10 mins for coconut milk

Source: Roshan's Cucina


- Soak all the ingredients under "aapam batter" above for minimum 3 hours and grind them into a smooth batter. Add salt and let it ferment for 8 to 10 hours or as required.
- Prepare the coconut milk just before you are ready to make the aapam. Grind the shredded coconut( if using frozen coconut, use 1 cup) with half cup water and filter and extract the milk and set aside. To this add the sugar and let it dissolve. Do not dilute the coconut milk.
- Prior to making the appam, grind 4 tbsp of  fresh coconut in little water and add it along with the sugar and baking soda in the batter.
- If the batter is too thick, use some coconut milk to thin it a bit.
- Heat the appam pan and pour a ladle of the batter in the center and immediately roll the pan in circular motion to spread the batter around the pan.

- Cover and cook for approx 3 minutes on low flame. The center of the appam would be thick and fluffy while the edges would be thin and crispy.

- Remove from pan and serve with the coconut milk. Can be served with vegetable stew as well.

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  10. Thankyou all for your wonderful comments and encouragement!

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