Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Coconut Scrapper- BWW

Coconuts are so much a part of South Indian food especially in the Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka! Though Kerala leads the rest, even food of Tamilnadu uses a lot of coconut! As I took out a coconut from the fridge for using in the kitchen, my eyes fell upon the scrapper which I had not used since ages. Woman of today juggling between work, home, kids and so many other chores seem to have no time for slow cooking. Everything happens in a jiffy in the kitchen esply on weekdays if the woman of the house is also working.

So, the days of these scrapper are forgotten in new-age Indian homes, though every house has one of them....wondering for what?! What if your in-laws or parents come in to stay with you....they definitely can't handle cutting veggies and scrapping coconuts with a knife and cutting board! For them, the traditional kitchen cutlery are still the best and easiest. Sit on the floor, folding the legs across the wooden plank of the scrapper and finish the job in like no time:-)

No wonder woman of earlier generations had lesser osteoporosis and joint problems. Cooking gave them just all the right kind of exercises that their hands and legs needed. Using the mortar-pestle for grinding, scrapper for cutting veggies and so many other things where one had to physically exert a bit atleast:-) Well, all said and done, in these has become next to impossible to use them during the morning rush hours and i guess we need to resort to spending quality time on exercising to keep us fit and healthy! 

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