Monday, November 3, 2014

Pav Bhajji

Goodmorning friends! Today, I plan to use her morning nap time to post this incredibly simple yet loaded with taste chat:-) One of Mumbai's favourite road side eat, now equally popular among Chennai-ites too. Once I finish posting this long pending recipe, I can start ground work on the next road side chat;-) Keep watching the space for what is to come!

Who will not love a spicy treat on monsoon evenings. So, here I have been ticking off all my wish list items and I hope to try more before my maternity leave comes to an to the recipe


For masala:

- 2 chopped onions
- 2 chopped tomatoes
- 100 gms finely chopped beans
- 1 carrot finely chopped
- 1 capsicum finely chopped
- 3 cloves garlic
- 1 inch ginger
- 2 green chillies
- 2 tsp cumin seeds
- 1 tbsp butter
- 1 tbsp pav bhajji masala
- 1 tsp turmeric powder
- Coriander leaves for garnish
- Salt to taste

For chutney:

Refer Chilly Garlic Chutney

Prep time: 15 mins                                         Cook time: 30 mins


- Chop all veggies finely and keep aside for use
- Pressure cook beans, carrot and potaties adding little salt for taste
- Heat the butter in a pan, add cumin seeds and allow to splutter.
- Now add the onions and saute till they turn translucent. Now, add the finely chopped green chillies and ginger garlic paste or grated ginger and garlic.
- Once the ginger and garlic cook well, add the capsicum and saute for 2 minutes.
- Now add the tomatoes and let them all come together.
- Once the tomatoes are blended well, add the pav bhajji masala, turmeric powder and salt and allow to cook for 5 mins on low flame.

- Meanwhile, open the pressure pan and mash the potatoes and other veggies smoothly with a hand blender or a buttermilk churner.Do not throw the water in which the veggies were boiled.

- Add these to the masala in the pan and mix well. If you find the masala too thick, add the water from the boiled veggies.
- Let the masala cook for 5 minutes on low flame for all the flavours to infuse together.

- Sprinkle with lots of finely cut coriander leaves.
- Now, the masala is ready!


- Pav buns are available in stores.
- Smear both the insides of the pav with the garlic chutney. The picture below does not have the chutney spread.
- Heat a flat pan and add 2 tsp of butter. Now place the pav with the chutney smeared side down.
- Turn the pav and toast on both sides.
- Serve hot pavs, with above masala and side of a lemon piece and some fresh and finely chopped onions:-)


  1. Trust me the dish looks delicious. But unfortunately I fail to make it out at home each time I try. So I started to buy the ready made packets from the market and boil those in hot water and serve with bread. Now this time I will try another once according to your recipe. Hope I can make it out as you did.

  2. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  3. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.